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MINI CNC Engraving Machine

  • Sic-330 small engraving machine chip grinding machine
Sic-330 small engraving machine chip grinding machine

Sic-330 small engraving machine chip grinding machine

  • Product description: Sic-330 engraving machine Performance features: This machine is a mini engraving machine, which can be widely used in metal grinding, metal grinding, chamfering, plastic processing and molding,
Technical Parameters
model SIC-330 Spindle speed 6000~24000RPM
X,Y stroke 300*300mm Spindle power 0.8KW or 1.5KW frequency conversion water-cooled spindle motor
Z stroke 90mm Tool diameter ¢3.175mm, ¢4mm,¢6mm
Workpiece width/height 340X100 mm Instruction format NC-Code.G-code
Step 0.0125mm Drive System 32-bit high-performance micro-segment Lexai driver
Knife speed 0-7000mm/min Control System DSP control system
power supply AC220V, 50Hz-60Hz Interface method COM

1. Integral precision casting body without deformation.
2. Equipped with a nut screw made in Germany, with high precision and wear resistance.
3. Imported square linear guide rails ensure the accuracy of the machine and can withstand large loads.
4. Precisely ground cast aluminum T-slot, with strong rigidity and high precision, without the need for plywood.
5. The working platform is equipped with a half-open dust cover, independent patent design, easy to disassemble, and excellent effect.
6. Independently developed MACH3 operation panel, synchronized with computer control in real time, convenient operation and beautiful structure.
7. Optional accessories such as rotating shaft, vacuum adsorption platform and cooling.


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